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Joël Viotti



CAS Digitization in Working Environments - Psychological Factors (2020-2021)



Certified Expert in Digital Psychology (2020) A+



Bachelor Of Science In Media Engineering - Corporate Communication (2015-2018) A-


Business Owner and Epic Owner of Digital Touchpoints/ Social Media Manager Swisscom (Since Jan. 2019)

Content and Communication Manager Mila (Jun. 18 - Dec. 18)


Radio Rottu Oberwallis: Editorial, Radio Presenter and Multimedia Online Journalism (Feb. 14 - Jul. 15)


Digital Psychology

Media, Economics, Communication, Consumer, Digital Leadership, Designing Working Environments, Customer Experience and Touchpoint Development, Human-Technology Interaction

Corporate Communication

Storytelling, Conception and Measuring, Internal Communication, Communication and Leadership in other Cultures (China, Russia, USA, India, South America)

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Sentiment conversion of 43% on Facebook Messenger during major incidents

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01_WelcomeBrunch_Portraits (7 von 47).jp

Description in one sentence

An optimist paired with passion, courage and always a smile on the face.

One talent I am proud of myself

Talent to recognize patterns and understand abstract processes where others only see chaos.

I am very good at:

Combining creativity with analytical skills to maximize output.

Two extraordinary abilities

• Absolute hearing in music
• At over 100 words per minute, I type faster

  than 98% of the world’s population

Favorite Band


Almost nobody knows this about me

Certificate in how to serve real Swiss melted cheese (Raclette)

I am fluent in

  • German

  • English

  • French

  • Italian


• Ice hockey
• Music (writing my own scores)